Tami Becker

Im a small town girl, born and raised in Alberta, Canada. My interested are varied as I like people, animals, quilting, baking, herb gardening and lots of things between! Summer is my favourite season but there is beauty in the changing season and keeps me on my toes.

Life has taught me to enjoy the small happenings and cherish the stillness. Like most of us, I’ve been busy raising kids, working and doing what needs to be done. However, sometime during the past decade my focus began to change. All the things that filled my time didn’t always fulfill me. I made a conscious decision to purge nonessential busyness and slow life to an enjoyable speed. This freed up time, mental and emotional energy to spend in ways that really matter. I had the time to let yeast bread rise, or sit with a 5 year old and really listen to their story. Time to be present with my aging Mother, enjoying each precious word.

Time is a commodity, refilled daily. How do I spend it?

That is what my blog is about, Simply Live in the moment, experiencing unforced rhythms of Grace. This alone has changed my life. Join me on the journey! Live in the gift of being intentional with time and energy, freeing up space to love deeper, laugh more and generally be more fulfilled. Enjoy the breath of fresh air! JUST BE.

  • Quilting
  • Baking bread
  • Herb gardens
  • Family and friends get togethers
  • Traveling
  • Reno’s
  • Summertime