Forgotten Friday

Today is Monday. Nothing to great about that statement however I usually post on Fridays. Friday came and went with out my online, blog posting internet presence. Not because I didn’t have a post ready, or because I had some writers block. I wasn’t in a terrible car wreck, nope. It was none of those things because frankly, I just forgot. No drama, no excuses, no blaming, no reason other than I forgot.

This truth telling statement is bold coming from a recovering perfectionist. My younger self would have been stressed out that I had missed such an important “appointment”. I would have stewed and justified, beat myself up for breaking an agreement with myself, how could I have forgotten and on and on. All to no avail and the missed Friday blog post would still have been missed. It is the flip side of the record “words once spoken can’t be taken back”. “Time once passed can not be brought back.”

Life has been a good teacher to me, I have learnt to not take myself too seriously, be flexible and enjoy the journey. One blog post missed is actually a great learning experience, not something to bemoan, rather something to state in a factual way and glean the learning.

Oh well, shake it off and move on. Be in this moment and enjoy it to the fullest. It gives me a chance to create this fun post instead. One focused on being kind and joyful with ourselves. Laugh at myself and see the comedy in this.

Days come and go, whether we do something profound or spend the day quietly basking in the sun. Does it really matter how the day is spent? Our lives are marked in 24 hour non renewable increments. Every moment a gift to be opened and used well, or to be left and ignored, even squandered away.

I had a talk with a grandson this weekend about our life choices. We can build in or tear down, we get to decide. What will my words be like, or my actions? Do I leave the world a better place because Ive passed this way? How do I spend my days and hours or moments? Every where I find myself is a cumulation of all the choices Ive made, so make good choices.

Do I make bad or wrong choices? Yes of course, we all do. The trick is to learn from them and to move on in an empowered way to chose differently. Once we know better we have the opportunity to do better.

“One leaf in a pile of many stands out. Not because the goal is to stand out, but because it is beautiful and different. Be that leaf. “

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