“Pick Your Pumpkin” Event

Pick your Pumpkin signs

Summers last hurrah is here. We turned this into an opportunity to meet the neighbours and support the local food bank at the same time. If you have followed my blog you know that we have been giving the garden produce away all summer. To finish up though we wanted to meet people and give them both an event and a chance to give back. Seems like we are all looking for something COVID friendly and safe to do outside these days.

So we invented the “Pick Your Pumpkin” event. Well we didn’t really invent it, more like we planned it. We have three types of pumpkins, two cinderella types and then the good old faithful Jack o lantern ones. There is also acorn, butternut and butter cup squash to choose from.

So now to setting up the ambience for the fall event. A few years ago I had brought back some 100 year old boards and an old door from our sons place in Manitoba. I knew I would find a use for them and putting pumpkin event signs on the door was perfect! The rustic look was exactly what we are going for, a fun fall day in the country.

Pumpkins by the house
Pumpkins on the driveway wall

When it came pumpkin harvest time Hubby brought up a full wheel barrow from the garden area and we lined up the first load on the driveway. I followed him back to the garden and made a subtle suggestion, ‘why don’t you drive the skid steer down and load up the bucket, it would be easier?” My suggestion was based on the fact that our garden is on the lower back part of the property and every wheel barrow load would be heavy and up hill. Suggestion taken, and that is how the pumpkins and squash made their way from the garden up the hill and to the front yard display. 5 skid steer bucket loads, which would have 4 -5 wheel borrow loads each. Im not great at math but even I can figure out that we would have been very tired by the end! Phew I’m glad we didn’t wheel barrow all that!

We started to line up the pumpkins on the driveway wall and by the house. The piles grew and took on a type of art form. They are so pretty and inviting.

Our pumpkin count was over 100 and then add to that the ones we had already given away and probably 100 squash. There is also the final garden produce, carrots, beets, apples, corn, cabbage etc. Lots for people to choose from and be generous for the Food Bank.

Chalkboard pick your pumpkin sign

When I cleaned up the garage a few weeks back I found my lost chalkboard! I haven’t seen it since we moved last year and was somewhat nervous it had been left behind. Check out the frame which is also old board from the Manitoba farm. I’ve missed my chalkboard and even though I am not the best artist I still like to change it up for the seasons.

So Saturday came and we had no idea what the response would be. I toggled between nervous no-one would come to panic that we wouldn’t have enough for the huge crowds I envisioned. We had invited friends but had no clue about the people that lived close in the neighbourhood, if they would come. But they did come!

The day was overcast and sprinkling rain off and on. But people came anyway. We had about a dozen groups that came and everyone was generous with their donations. By afternoon the clouds had left and we enjoyed sitting around chatting with friends.

The wheel barrel over flowed with food and we raised $130 dollars in cash for the Food Bank. All in all we were very pleased with the turn out and the giving hearts people had. I forgot to take pictures of people as they came and went, but you get the idea.

Now Im planning next year! Dreaming up ways for a bigger and better Pick Your Pumpkin event. Thinking up advertising and getting the word out. It is joyful to see how grateful people are and how community is easily built. Our Daughter took some remaining pumpkins to her work site and once again people that are normally givers are gifted with a small appreciation.

I guess my take away from the event is this, If we find it within our power to do good for others, do it. It took very little to bring the joy that people are looking for. I’m grateful I could make the world a better place.

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