Fall Time! School Days and Harvest!

Autumn is filled with school supplies, chilly mornings, falling leaves and pumpkin spice, to name a few.

Mums at store

Outside of our local Canadian Tire this display of Mums caught my eye, confirming to me that yep, Fall is here! The school bus drives by the house again, taking children to who knows where, to learn who knows what.

Once I’ve grieved summers passing I do love the colour and change that fall brings. Digging out my warm sweaters and boots brings a routine comfort. It gets me baking banana bread and pumpkin muffins, while dreaming of what quilts I’ll create this winter.

Watching the farmers combine the fields evokes feelings of completion in me. A cycle of planting, growing and then harvest, leaving the soil to rest during the winter season. With the harvest comes gratitude for what the earth brings forth for us to eat. Sounds somewhat philosophical and deep but if we didn’t have farmers we wouldn’t have food. So I for one, am grateful.

And yes, yes there are those of us that grow gardens and enjoy fresh produce through out the summer season. That just adds to the harvest seasons gratitude. Our garden was in its first year at this location and we are so pleased with the outcome.

On any given day we could choose to eat lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, beets, beans, corn, onions, leeks, watermelon, cantaloupe, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, garlic and then of course the herbs to cook with. There is no way we could possibly eat all that food so we decided to place a bucket at the mail box with a sign to help yourself. And that’s what people did, they helped themselves and looked forward to what the next delivery would be. It was like a secret Santa gift in the summer.

Now that we are into fall the summer produce is slowing down and the pumpkins and winter storing squash are ready. Next week we are going to do the final harvest and have a community event, “Come pick your Pumpkin”. It should be a fun time to meet neighbours and enjoy the final warm days. The mystery produce can now be linked to our home.

Since we have been blessed we want to extend that blessing and are asking people to bring a donation for the local food bank. Im looking forward to the day! Might even have a hot chocolate stand.

We moved to this house a year ago this month. All my fall and Christmas decorations were in boxes in the garage last year, I had no idea where!

Im not sure if it is because of our upcoming pumpkin day or because our house was a gravel pit for a year, or just the fact that I know were things are but this fall with the brick in and the house newly painted I have the desire to beautify the front of the house.

Looking at my oak barrel with the yellow Mum makes me happy! The Mum is cheery and bright and the oak barrel is solid and ageless. I like it! The front door shows a few Mums from the store and the beginning of the pumpkin harvest.

When I was younger and time seemed to move slowly, older people would say that time speeds up as you get older. They told the truth. Time and seasons come and go. It seems like a moment ago that the snow was melting and we were planning the summer season. Now here I am blogging about Fall and Autumn.

Charles Dickens wrote in the Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” and as I age I understand what he meant. Though Dickens was reflecting on the current state of England and the unrest in France, it’s not hard to think that he penned words that are applicable today. We are once again in the throws of the next COVID wave, Afghan is in unrest, we are having federal and municipal elections, hurricanes are wreaking havoc. Any of us could get depressed with the news and what is happening globally.

Or…….. We can be in the moment enjoying with gratitude the small beauties of the day. Like the turning leaves, or pumpkin spice muffins. It’s a choice, I can look at the pain and the bad or I can look for the joy and the good. I choose to look for the good, to give back, building into people and the world. Leaving it a better place. My family teases me, calling me Polly Anna, playing the glad game. Honestly, I take that as a compliment!

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