Yard Renos, House painting

House in need of paint and sidewalk
House in dire need of brick walk way and paint

This smoky grey/blue house picture has been used ALOT in the Reno posts. Im very pleased to say that now it is painted, with brick sidewalks all finished and sod in place. Even the peeling eave troughs have been sanded and repainted. It is an entirely different house to look at, we are so pleased with the out come.

Deciding to paint the existing siding and not replace it was for two reasons, first the cost but the second reason was the siding was in good enough shape, needing some small repairs and we thought it would save throwing more junk in the landfill by recycling what we have. The same thought was with the eave trough. Let’s paint it for now and save money and the environment.

I’ll walk you through the steps and painting with options and choices we made on the paint colour and brand. If you would like to read about the brick work, the post is Yard Renos, Brick walkways and sod. https://simply-live.blog/2021/08/13/yard-renos-brick-walkways-and-sod/

To start with we checkout out the rusted odd piece under the bay window. It was a metal sheet placed on a board that was barely hanging on. Then there was pink fiberglass stuffed up inside. The entire thing was hanging on with a hope and prayer so we took it off. After some discussion, the conclusion we came to was the piece was to insulate the bay window over hang as it probably gets cold in the winter. We are going to check the overhang and see if it needs a proper insulation and do it in a more pleasing way.

House paint two green options

The colour palate we are going with is green siding with white window and doors trims. The garage door will also be white with hinge accents to fancy it up. Ideally a new garage door would have windows in it but once again we decided to recycle what we have until the door fails. Saves money and landfill space.

Inside the house we used Dulux interior paint. The result was great, however everything I read about exterior paint said that the Benjamin Moore Aura was top quality. It has a good warranty, easy to work with and covers really well. At the store I discovered that there are a zillion colours of green! I settled on two and purchased samples of each. Better to spend $5 per sample than get the wrong colour. Our choices were Cushing or Layfette green.

The paint is still wet in the picture so it looks bit blotchy, the Cushing is on the top and Layfette on the bottom. It was a hard decision as I wanted the house to be a darker teal like green and hubby wanted mossy. The neighbours even got in on the vote and I was strongly outvoted! The colour is to be Cushing green! In the end anything looks better than the smoke grey that is on there now. Even Indy had a turn to vote on the colour.

Indy looking out deck door

Since the house had not been washed in years, I hosed it down and hand scrubbed it with a dish washing scrubber. Used up two scrubbers between the house, garage and shop. But yuck the stuff that came off, spider webs from spiders dead long ago. Glad I took the time with the prep work, the painted result will be much better.

Front of house half painted with brick going in

Busy place with brick going in and painting happening. We took a week off to work on our own project. It was too daunting to leave and do bits in the evening. In the end it was a good decision as the project went quickly which encouraged us to work long hours and get it done.

Brick finished

Front this angle you can obviously see the brick walkways finished but what I wanted to show was the front of the house painted with the bay window part taken off. The eaves are yet to be sanded down and repainted. We thought about rolling the paint on, or brush, in the end we bought spray paint and it gave a smooth finish. Since we were putting in all the effort we didn’t want to do this all again, anytime soon.

Bernd painting Gable end of house

The gable ends of the house were too tall for me to reach, so Hubby got on the ladder and painted them. It was getting late in the evening so the picture is shadowed.

On a side note, our neighbour lent us his ladders that made the painting job safer and so much easier. The one was a tall step ladder which was great, but the one I was enthralled with was called a platform ladder. It was exactly like it sounds, a tall stable ladder that was similar to scaffolding. I could climb up the ladder to the very top and even stand on the platform part if need be. Honestly it was the best ladder Ive ever used and I highly recommend them. However as you can see in this picture, we had returned the ladders to the neighbour and are back to using our old rickety ones.

Garage carriage door accents

The garage door was also the smoke grey blue colour that the house was. I used exterior white paint from Benjamin Moore to brighten up the door, then we added the carriage door accents. They had to be ordered online as I couldn’t find any locally. We didn’t want to spend much money on the garage yet this small change of paint and accents makes a world of difference.

Finished garage door with accents

The door is oversized so we wanted it to look like two carriage doors. Im liking the final product, honestly just the fresh paint cleaned it up.

Bernd sanding down eaves

Our final project in the front, for this year, is to paint the eaves. There are a few ways to sand them down, we chose to use an electric sander for the job. You could also have used an electric wire brush, but we found this sanding method worked best.

In this picture you can see the great platform ladder of the neighbours. It was steady and solid, a real work horse. Once the sanding was finished, it was a quick job to spray the white paint on. We weren’t too concerned with the over spray on the shingles as they need to be replaced at another time. To stop the over spray from getting on the house and siding we used a tin sheet and moved it along as we sprayed.

Front out house, painted, brick and sod in. Finished for this year.

All summer has been hot and dry yet the day I go to take this final picture, it is rainy and dark. I thought we would be finished the projects for now yet as I look at the picture I see that the top of the chimney got missed. That smoky grey blue just doesn’t want to leave. I guess I’ll go back to the neighbour and get his trusty platform ladder. This weekend is to be sunny and warm, good time to do it.

Future plans are to put French Patio doors on the breeze way and reshingle the roof. But all takes time and money. Thats a project for another day. Stay tuned for next years outside Renos.

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