Those Crazy Hazy Lazy Days of Summer

Smoky back yard view
Forest fire smoke is heavy today

This summer has been crazy, hazy and lazy. The weather has been crazy, its very smoky and hazy, today I was full of lazy.

It’s smoky out there , with a poor air quality rating of 10 out of 10, it is high! This picture looks like it might be a mist or foggy but nope, it’s smoke. Smoke blows in from our neighbouring Provinces which are having forest fires. They also have had hot dry days, making a tinder box for forest fires as a result. With poor air quality, people with asthma or compromised health should really stay indoors.

Our summer has been odd in almost every way, so this smoke only adds to the list. April 5th we were sitting on our deck furniture, the day was warm and sunny. April 10th we had a snow storm that dumped 5″ of wet nasty snow. By April 14th it was 19 degrees out and we were building the greenhouse.

New deck cushions
Fancy new deck cushions
Heavy spring snow
Heavy spring snow
Building the greenhouse
Building our greenhouse

Because our summer season is so short people around here run to the greenhouses and nurseries on the first warm day. We buy plants and other items to beautify our outdoor space, longing to enjoy every second of summer.

Everyone does it, every year and we all end up hauling those same plants into the house or garage for our next spring snow storm. May 19th again dumped 4″ of wet heavy snow all over my hydrangea shrubs. Fast forward 2 days to May 21st, we are mowing the lawn and enjoying the warm weather. June 2nd I took the boys to the lake because it was almost 30 degrees out.

Hydrangeas under the snow
Hydrangeas under the latest dump of snow

To say that our weather is eccentric would be an understatement. Our daughter has a rule, she says you can’t complain about both the cold and the heat. You have to choose one, either the hot or the cold, sounds fair. Frankly I like summer and the heat so I guess if I complain it will be about the cold.

This picture collage highlights some of the summer joys, like road trips, Fort Edmonton Park adventure, rainbows, and the growing garden season. As full as the summer has been I experience a tranquil feeling, possibly because of the long sunny days, possibly because of the fact I don’t have to worry about jackets, toques and snow. There is a freedom in summer that is hard to explain, what ever reason, I love summer.

However as all good things eventually come to an end, and seasons come and go, this summer season is also quickly fading. Our garden is producing faster than we could possibly eat, so we have set up a “farm stand” by the community mail box as a “help yourself” stand. It’s a great way to meet neighbours and to share the gardens bounty.

As much as summer feeds my body and soul, I’m coming to terms with fall coming soon. The mornings are cooler now, the daylight shorter and once again school will be starting. The crazy, hazy last lazy days of summer are coming to a close for this year.

My next posts will be about the fall garden tour and the house painting Renos. It has been a wonderful summer and productive, yet its helpful to capture them to look back on during winters cold dark days!

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