Rethinking Goals

Field of purple poppies

This past week has me rethinking my SMART goals and reviewing what is realistic. The original commitment was to post Tuesday and Friday until October 1st, 2021. The past two Tuesdays I have had draft issues which disappeared on me followed by full weekends that took from the time I had to work on the blog.

On review of my SMART Goal list, Achievable and Realistic were the places that I need to look.

Obviously if I am not making the Tuesday post deadline I did not achieve my goal. Now was it or is it realistic? Am I able to create and deliver on two posts a week? Based on results, I think not. So not achievable either.

pause, breathe, resume tiles

There are concrete reasons for my failed Tuesday posts. First time the blog draft was blank, second time a repeat of the first time. Also until this past Sunday we have been in the planning of my Mothers Memorial service and then the happening of it. All takes time and energy that I willingly give.

However when things keep happening that aren’t planned its time to stop, take stock and reassess. If things happen once, then it might but be a hiccup or just life, yet when it repeats I tend to slow and ask what is happening here? Is this really something that is necessary? Are my goals actually achievable or necessary? Do they need to be revamped? With COVID we have just spent 1 1/2 years talking about essential services out in the business sector, and now making it personal, what is essential for my blog and postings?

Laundry in the breeze

Way back when I dreamed about creating a blog I wanted it to reflect a slower rhythm in life. Intentionally simplifying life and living in the moment. Im not naive enough to think that life doesn’t have stressful times, or that best laid plans go awry. Things happen, plans change and I can and will adapt.

Thinking back on my original goals of the two posts per week I realized that not only was it not realistic and achievable, it took from the big picture goal I was creating. I could soldier on and grind out posts each Tuesday and Friday, giving less than quality content or put back in the enjoyment and excitement in posting things Im passionate about and do them less frequent. It seems like a no brainer to me, post quality with passion and enjoyment, or grind out posts like a machine and always coming from a stressed point. Duh! Once a week will serve me and readers much better.

Letting go of unrealistic expectations is different than just quitting because it’s too hard or I don’t like it or any other immature responses. Rather it is a freeing action made with gathered information that empowers my decision. Opening up options and freedoms rather than closing up thinking and creativity.

So there you have it, my new revised direction, intentional and clear.

Finally my challenge to you, what and where are you able to open up options and freedoms in your life? Creating room for enjoyment, letting go of expectations so you can move forward to something beautiful?

Still lake
Still Lake

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