Recalibrate and Adapt

Dew on Spider web

A few weeks back I shared a post about the Blogging course Im taking and the challenge to post a blog about blogging. I took the challenge and chose to expand the acronym SMART and commit to posting Tuesday and Friday until October 1, 2021.

The SMART Goal acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and finally timely. This goal of posting twice weekly for 2 1/2 months fits the criteria being Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and timely.

To keep the rhythm going I have drafts made ahead of time that are ready to go, on Tuesday or Friday all I have to do is push the publish button. And tada! Ive met my goal for the week.

That way when creativity hits I can be in the moment with my new draft with out the dead line pressure and save it for posting on another day. It aligns with my blog theme, to Simply Live in unforced rhythms of Grace.

This strategy worked great………until it didn’t.

Blank scribbler page

Blank page

Friday morning I went to publish a ready to go post with a recipe for a grain salad I had made. The draft looked like it was there. The pictures showed up on my private page however when I went to publish my page was blank……full white page of nothingness. Devoid of blog content. Zilch, Nada. Empty.

Hmmm? Not one to get defeated easily I thought I’ll change tracks and write a new draft in real time on the happenings in the moment. Recalibrate and adapt. Survival is not just survival of the finest but the quickest to adapt.

The garden is lovely right now, full of blooms and veggies. I’ll share a photo tour today and revisit the Grain Salad another day. Thats me adapting.

Yellow daisy

These are just a few of the blooms that are open now. Im not one for all the Latin names, if I see a flower and I like it , then I plant it. Not too complicated. Hubby is the true gardener.

Our garden produces so much that we give a-lot away. It’s a good way to meet neighbours and share in Gods bounty. The pumpkin patch is HUGE and we are excited to see all the varieties mature. There are Jack-O-Latern and Cinderella pumpkins, then acorn and butter cup squash. All fall squash.

We also have summer squash, yellow, green and a round zucchini. It’s a gardeners tradition I think to plant so much zucchini that it would be impossible to eat it all. But it sure is fun to go into the garden just before supper and grab what I need. Can’t get much fresher than that.

These are some of the veggies I use in my Copy Cat Pasta dish. Check out the post.

Potatoes are a fall crop that just started to bloom.

Asparagus field

This wild haired asparagus field is just newly planted. It takes a couple years to establish before you can eat freely from it. So this year it teases us and brings hope for future eatings.

The melons have loved our heat wave and doing really well.

Thats the garden tour for today, I do hope you have enjoyed it as I recalibrated and adapted.

One comment

  1. Thank you for this magnificent garden tour. Wow what an impressive garden both of flowers and veggies. Nothing better than Picking and eating. One of the things I miss the most about our nomadic lifestyle.

    And I very much relate to technical challenges and vanishing blog posts! So been there done that hahah not fun!




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