Phew, it’s hot!

Im not one to complain about the heat as I rather like it, yet this current heat wave is breaking Canadian records from the 1930’s. We measure in Celsius degrees and are around 37*, feels like 40* mark. Translated to Fahrenheit it is about 99*. For us, that’s hot! Because we work outside summer and winter, the temp is always something we take into account. I bring iced drinks to the job sites and make iced drinks here at home. Anything to cool off.

However to complicate this iced drink delivery, my fancy blender broke last week, I had to order a new part on line, with no way to make smoothies we are in trouble ……… but the part is on its way.

Until the new part comes, I thought about what I did when our kids were young to beat the heat. Flash back to the 1980’s. This was long before trips to the store for slurpees and slushees. I used to make my own version.

I dug up the recipe and wanted to share it with you. It is made of fruit and fruit juice, somewhat a healthier version of the sugar filled slurpees. Its easy to make and store. I think the original version added liquor but mine is non-alcoholic. Check out the vintage recipe book.

Mary Englebriet Recipe book
Hand written Slushee recipe
Old fashioned Slushee

As you can see on the recipe, I still need a blender, thankfully my part arrived.

Broken blender part
Broken part
New blender part
New part, hurray!

Hopefully the repair isn’t too complicated and I can get on to making slushees.

Fixed blender, part in place
Part in place
Blender water check for leaks
Suggested water check, working fine

Now on to the business of making a slushee mix.

Slushee ingredients
Slushee ingredients

The original recipe calls for Apricot Nectar, must be an 80’s thing as I couldn’t find any. I substituted Mango juice and it tastes fine. Thats the joy of this recipe, if you aren’t keen on an ingredient you can substitute something else in. I would leave in the lime and lemon aides as they give that fresh tart taste, but you could for sure change out the berries and other juices.

Juice and strawberries in blender

Most blenders aren’t large enough to do the recipe in one stage, so place one litre of juice with the strawberries for one set, then the other juices for step two. Add the frozen lime and lemon aide and add only one can of water for each. This gives a thicker consistency to the slush mix. You are going to dilute with Ginger ale later so it can be thicker to start.

Juice and frozen lemon aid in blender
Slushee mix in bowl and not yet frozen

You can place the mix in one container, I put mine in two so it will freeze quicker and I can give one away.

Bowl in freezer
Waiting in the freezer
Frozen slushee mix
All frozen and ready to use
scooping out slushee mix

Scoop out the slush mix into any glass you choose. Then add Ginger ale making it the consistency you want.

slushee mix in glass pouring in ginger ale
Slushee in glass with straw
Ready to enjoy!

Beat the heat retro slushee, Enjoy!

iPhone screenshot of temperature

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