Road Trip!

Country road
Photo by Achim on

Now that COVID restrictions are lifting we are going on a road trip! Not just any trip but one to see #1 grandson graduate high school. Im super excited for many reasons. First and foremost, we are so proud of him! He is an amazing person, smart, handsome and kind hearted all in one package.

He wanted an adventure a couple years back and came to live with us for 6 months and do school here. We got the joy of day to day living, getting to know him better. And yep, we loved him even more. It was culture shock being thrown back into the school life, basketball games and drives to school, exams, friendships. Oh and Iced Caps! All that comes with having a teen ager around. So much fun!

That is the main reason we are excited about the trip, the graduation. Another reason is that we get to bust out of the COVID malaise. On the drive we will see the fields growing, some canola blooming, possibly even blue flax fields. Sights unique to prairie life.

Fence with wheat field
Prairie beauty!

People judge the prairies to be flat, where you can see for miles and miles. That is partially true but there are hills, lakes and then miles and miles of crops. If you have eaten today, thank a farmer!

Alberta Saskatchewan boarder marker
Alberta – Saskatchewan Border Marker

This marker sits on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Bonus points if you can spell Saskatchewan!

We arrived safely and after a sound nights sleep we got to enjoy every moment of our new day, in prep for our purpose in coming, Graduation!

Coffee cup on vette
Morning coffee on the acreage

The coffee tasted wonderful on the acreage.

Old Adirondack chair
Part of our Adirondack family
Old F150 Truck
Every farm yard has one

But honestly, as lovely as the quiet country side is, lets get to the reason we came, The graduation.

2021 Grad sign and picture
Congratulation Justin banner
Justin in blue suit
So handsome!

I’m somewhat biased but he is so handsome!

Justin getting into Corvette
Off he goes
Justin in morrow of car
Waiting and waiting…..
Getting His diploma
And he is graduated!

These grads had a hard senior year with COVID and distancing. They missed out on a prom and senior campout. Sports was not an option. And the peer commodore wasn’t always an option.

Even with missing some things, but they did up this ceremony well. We all sat outside, or stood by our vehicles, all COVID compliant. it was much more enjoyable than sitting in a hot stuffy gym! As I looked around I got a small taste of the town this wonderful young man grew up in. Wholesome, country people that lift each other up, support each other. No pretence or airs, it was wonderful! Evidence of culture diversity was present and embraced. Not just in creed and race, but in career choices. I saw teachers, students, nurses, doctors, audio engineers, photographers, farmers and everything in between.

My prayer for each and everyone of these students is to live well. Enjoy the small and simple moments, they add up to a lifetime of memories. Be true to yourself, be kind, laugh often, live with integrity and love well. Life will throw you curve balls and knock the wind out of your sails. Frankly some days it will be hard.

Make good life decisions and when sometimes you don’t, just follow the road back to where you went off track and get back on.

Please remember you are never alone. Every parent and grandparent, every teacher and coach is cheering you on. It took a village raising you to this point and this village is still here, loving you on. We are so very proud of you and if you ever forget to remember how amazing you are, just ask one of us. We will be more than happy to remind you.

Roblin class of 2021 congratulation town sign

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