Copy Cat Pasta

COVID has put a stop to eating out. Not that we did it very often, but once in a while we do like to treat ourselves to an evening out.

One local restaurant makes the best pasta dish ever! Lots of veggies, goats cheese and olive oil, Oh and pesto sauce! You can add meat but I like it lighter. Since an evening out isn’t an option Im deciding to mimic the recipe. Our garden is full of fresh produce so I’ll give it a try.

Copy Cat pasta dish
Copy Cat pasta

Look at all that goodness!

Sautéing veggies in fry pan
Sautéed veggies

First I sautéed the veggies I had available. Thats the nice thing about this meal, you can use the food you have on hand. The garden has Swiss chard, Cherry Tomatoes, broccoli, Yellow zucchini and basil all in season, plus I added store bought mushrooms. Use what ever you have on hand, the point is to be a garden fresh meal.

Sauté in olive oil until tender but still firm.


I like linguine but honestly any pasta type would work.

Boiling pasta
Boiling Pasta

Cook the pasta until el dente. Cooked but still firm and not soggy. Drain well. Some people add a small amount of olive oil so the pasta doesn’t stick together. Ive never done that but you can try it if you like.

Home made garlic scape pesto

The crowning touch in this pasta dish is the pesto sauce. I have fresh garlic scape pesto I just made. One is made with pine nuts, one with almonds. Both taste great! You can use any pesto that your family likes. I find the garlic scape pesto is milder, which I like.

Now to put it all together.

Finished pasta plate
Copy Cat Pasta dish

In the pot with the drained pasta, add the sautéed veggies. Stir in pesto sauce to taste. Depends on your garlic preference. I mixed in some goats cheese and then sprinkled the remainder on the top.

ENJOY! Its a great light meal for a hot summer evening.

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