Trailer Load of Chairs

I wanted an Adirondack chair to sit at our look out point, thought it would be nice. I could sit there and do my devotions, or prayers. I could have an evening coffee out there. Or we could just hang out and chat. All while sitting on my Adirondack chairs, enjoying the view. Seems dreamy and romantic. What could possibly go wrong?

So I set out to our neighbourhood wholesale store to purchase two. They were cedar wood and smelt amazing! They were light, so easy to move around, a great purchase and investment. We set them up right away and started to enjoy them.

What I didn’t factor in was the wind at our look out point, it was windy!! So after a few days of enjoyment a storm “Blew” in. Yep, blew my chairs up and over , flinging them off the ridge, breaking into a zillion pieces. These good smelling, light, easy to move around chairs couldn’t take the wind.

After that disaster I was ready to give up on the idea, however Hubby said he would make some as he is handy with wood. WOW! I had no idea the firestorm of creativity that would set off.

We had Oak wood from our job site so let’s make them out of Oak. It’s heavy and a hard wood, it won’t blow away, it’s sturdy and will last a long time. That was the beginning of …………well……… Im not even sure what word to use, other than Hubby took that ball and ran with it. (Sports term!)

He loved making the chairs. He got a pattern and then perfected it. The chairs morphed into works of art that he would sell. People loved them and they came in many sizes and colours. We sold ALOT of chairs. One set went to a city councillor, one set went to a house builder that later gave us the landscaping job on a house he built. One chair is sitting at our friends house in Texas. And a full set at my aunts cottage in Ontario. The chairs created relationships.

Of course not everyone saw the value of a handmade product. They wanted a deal and one man told us that the neighbourhood wholesale store sold them at a fraction of the cost. Yep, good luck with that!

We are landscapers so unless it snows, and we have to clear snow, winter gives us lots of open time. Time to build chairs, lots and lots of chairs, and more chairs, and more chairs and more chairs.

So many chairs that they are taking on a life of their own. Plus taking up space. We had a huge garage work shop and it was getting full!

So what to do? I gave them away, he gave them away. Every person I knew had one or two, plus I gave them away at baby showers. Some went to the children’s hospital fund raiser. Hubby started carrying them in his work truck and gave them to young families he saw walking by the job site. “Here, take two.”

We would even give two chairs and ask folks to give one away as a gift chair. A great story came out of this.

A woman that got a chair and gift chair, knew a couple that was struggling to have a baby. She gifted them with the chair and sent me a picture. I got confused when I looked at the photo and read the letter as I knew the woman in the picture that received the gift chair. I had know her since she was a small girl! And yet she was the recipient of a gift that came anonymously. What a way God works!

However, we still have lots and lots of chairs. So Hubby came up with a great idea. The church uses little chairs in the children’s program. Perhaps they would like to have these? I made the call and yep, they would.

Fun fact, once you put your toddler in this chair they struggle to get out! Their little bottom slides down into the groove and they are too heavy to pull themselves out. Perfect as they are right where you left them.

We loaded the trailer with our gifts and away we went to deliver. Kinda like Santa and his sleigh, but not really!

You can slightly see that Hubby wrote a sweet blessing on each and every chair. “Bless the child that sits in this chair”. What a heart felt note to add to a lovely gift , made by a lovely. man.

I am pleased to announce though that the chair era has ended. Moving on to other projects and ways to fill the creative juices.

I’ll do a post around Christmas on the Nativity that he created. So cute and easy for kids to play with. And maybe a post with the garden benches, the Hooser, and garden shed he created for a friend. Just to name a few.

Thanks for coming by!

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