Very Hungry Caterpillar!

I didn’t come up with this title, it is taken from a popular children’s book about a hungry caterpillar that ate through all types of things until he was a BIG FAT caterpillar. Then he turned into a beautiful butterfly! Appropriate for sure.

Very hungry caterpillar book cover
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
picture of food he ate
All the food he ate! Plus more.
Beautiful butter fly
A beautiful Butterfly!

Our grandsons read and reread this book. So much so that the book fell apart and needed to be replaced.

I like butterflies, they bring colour and happiness with them. The gentle way they fly is delightful to watch. Most of us have caught one or two in our lifetime. It’s a sign of summer to be sure.

The thing is though……….that cabbage butterflies, moths really, aren’t so pretty. The butterfly/moths aren’t the issue, it’s that they lay eggs, that is the problem. They lay these eggs in the plants that we eventually want to eat, free of caterpillars. So the trick is to stop them from laying their eggs in our future food.

Hmmmm…….So what to do? How can we live and let live?

We built our own caterpillar, albeit not as fancy as the book, but clever all the same.

row covers on cabbages
Our very own caterpillar
cabbage plant
Plants to protect from being moth eaten
cabbage under cover
TaDa! Under their net

It will be fun to watch how this turns out. And its a fun play on words, our own caterpillar to ward off caterpillars! Now we can look forward to eating broccoli, cabbage, red and green and Brussel sprouts. and even cauliflower. Yum!

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