Renovations 101

Last fall we bought a fixer upper….. That’s a kind way to say the house had ALOT of work to be done, inside and out.

This is a picture of the front yard the day we put an offer on it! It has a Sleeping Beauty vibe with all the over grown shrubs and trees. The prince will have a hard time getting to the princess!

But we liked what we saw and the potential that was there. With a lot of labour and some funds we could make the place gorgeous. The yard is 1.5 acres, the house 1300 sq ft. Things we wanted, a big yard and a small house as we are empty nest landscapers.

Check out the door to no where! Even in the current state we had vision for what it could and should be. Falling in love with the vision we knew this was our next home. Breathing new life into it, bring restoration and transformation, it was Spiritual in a way.

So this tangled mess of brambles was circled around two large magnificent poplar trees my hubby named, “The Twins”. Not sure how they ended up a dumping place but we wanted them to have space to breathe! Behind the bramble bushes you can see an old rotten greenhouse. That has to come out to start fresh.

I’ll share pictures of our work in progress, our front yard had all the shrubs removed along with 2 feet of soil that buried the steps. We took out 7 spruce trees the leaned into the house, opening up this flower bed and added a brick retainer wall. The next stage will be to finish the wall and place down paver bricks. As you can see the eaves need replacing along with the roof, the house needs paint and on and on!

Sorry this picture is in the shade. Stay tuned for the update!

We, meaning Hubby, built a small deck off “the door to no where”. We love it and use it all the time!It make so much sense, why have a door you can’t use ?

If you have an eye for detail you can see the eaves here need replacing too. Im prepping you for future posts to follow this journey with me!

Aren’t they beautiful! We cleared them out and planted grass under them. I might just make a fairy garden there. The rotten green house is gone, making room for a sitting area. Again that’s a post for another day!

Thanks for popping by and checking out my blog. Join me to follow the progress!

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