Be in the moment


Gardening makes each of us think of something different and unique to us. Hydrengea shrubs, greenhouse tomatoes, lilacs and even dandelions! Check in to see what is happening today.


We purchased a foreclosure house last year that needs a lot of love and restorations. It’s been challenging, fun and exciting. Sometimes the project is the yard restoration, sometimes it’s the bathroom. Lots to do and fun to dream.

Soul Restore

Giving in life takes its toll. It’s essential to step aside and spend time refilling and grounding. Establishing roots in Love and Grace. Renewed to go out and be an asset to others. Leaving the world abetter place.

Where ever you are, be all there

Jim Elliot


  1. Thanks for your encouraging comments. Next week we are planning to build our brick walkway in the front. It will be nice to walk on a level surface again!
    Our Renos have taken a back seat to the garden these past months, everything it its season I guess.

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